New Student Registration

If your student will be attending Amherst (Elementary School, Middle School, or High School) for the first time in 2020-21, here are the forms you need to fill out:

Amherst New Student Registration Form
(This is the form that starts the entire process. No students will be enrolled in Amherst schools without a completed Amherst New Student Registration Form.)

Amherst Race/Ethnicity Form  (required)

Amherst Home Language Survey  (required)

Amherst Emergency Illness / Health History Form  (required)

Amherst Request for Giving Medication at School
(use only if your student needs to receive medication during the school day)

Amherst Emergency Notification Info  (required)
(to be used by anyone who wants to make sure they are receiving Emergency Notifications from the Tomorrow River School District, including parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings, community members, etc.)

Open Enrollment

For Open Enrollment you can visit or contact Marilyn at (715)824-5521 ext 1229

Student Drop-off/Park and Walk in area

Students may be dropped off directly in front of the main school entrance doors (Parent drop off loop). Please do not park in the drop zone, as designated by the signage, as this is for drop-off only. Any of the areas outside the zone you may use as an area to park your vehicle and walk your child in (this area is limited to 10 minute parking only).

Please plan to only use our delegated entrance points in the mornings and after school while entering our school. These doors are:

1. South-west cafeteria door (C9) for students using the back parking lot, walking to school, or biking to school only.

2. Elementary playground door (C2) for students who ride buses only.

3. Main elementary door (D4) for those students who are dropped off or are walking to school.

4. Main middle school door (D3) for those students who are dropped off or are walking to school.

5. High school door (D1) for high school students who are dropped off or driving to school.

Please do NOT drop your students off on Main street in front of the school as this is very dangerous also please note that the District Parking Lot (small parking lot off main street (Lot B)) is also not a drop off location.