Athletic Forms

If you have a student who will be in grade 5 through 12 during the 2022-23 school year who wants to participate in a Middle School or High School sport, there are FIVE Athletic Forms that will need to be completed. (If the student had a physical AFTER April 1, 2021, then there are FOUR forms -- you can skip the Physical Form 2022-23.)

Athletic Emergency Card 2022-23  (required) - CLOSED UNTIL JULY 2023

Co-Curricular Code & WIAA Eligibility 2022-23 - TRSD  (required) - CLOSED UNTIL JULY 2023

Concussion Acknowledgment 2022-23 - Student Athletes  (required by students) - CLOSED UNTIL JULY 2023

Concussion Acknowledgment 2022-23 - Parents (required by parents) - CLOSED UNTIL JULY 2023

Physical Form 2022-23
Print the Physical Form 2022-23 (PDF version) and take it to your physical exam. You can fill it out by hand before your appointment to save time. Your doctor will complete the paperwork, then the last page must be scanned/emailed, faxed, or physically mailed to the HS Office before the student can practice or play.

Alternative Year Cards

Some parents have asked about the old Alternative Year Cards. Those are no longer being used after COVID.

Instead, parents should fill out the first four forms every year (coming back July 2022). This ensures:

  • Everyone is familiar with the signs of concussion.

  • Everyone understands and follows the rules of the Co-Curricular Code.

  • The Emergency Card has the most up-to-date contact information for families so if there is a problem, the coach or trainer isn't trying to call an old cell phone number.

A Note About Fees

To Parents of students participating in Amherst High School / Amherst Middle School Athletics:

The Tomorrow River School District believes that involvement in school activities is an important part of the total educational opportunity in the Tomorrow River Schools. To offset expenses connected to extra-curricular activities in the district, the Tomorrow River School District will assess an athletic participation fee to all students who wish to participate in any sport that the high school or middle school offers. This fee is not new to our district, and most schools associated with the WIAA have charged participation fees to their athletes.

Grades 5 - 8:  $25 per sport with a maximum of $50 per student per year

Grades 9 - 12:  $50 per sport with a maximum of $100 per student per year

$150 maximum cost per family per year

Please contact Activities Director Shawn Groshek if you feel your family's income requires special consideration for the rates listed on this form.

Fees and all paperwork are required prior to the start of the sport season in which your son/daughter plans to participate. Participation may be denied until all fees are paid. Thank you for your cooperation.

DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR through JUNE 9: If you have questions about athletic forms, please contact Jessica Wiesman at 715-824-5521 x 1220 (Monday through Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm).

DURING THE SUMMER beginning JUNE 13: If you have any questions about this procedure during summer, please contact Merry Dudley at the HS Office at 715-824-5521 x1222. The office is open Monday through Thursday, 9am to 3pm, beginning Monday, June 13, 2022. (Office closure dates in June 2022: Thursday, June 16; Monday, June 20 through Thursday, June 23; Thursday, June 30.)