Monthly Newsletter

Mike Richie, District Administrator 

April Spirit Article 

On March 15, 2021, the Tomorrow River School District Board of Education made a decision regarding face to face instruction for the remainder of the school year. That decision is to continue as is with four days per week of face to face instruction for students in grades K-12, including all virtual models. Wednesdays will remain as a virtual learning day and teacher prep day, with the exception of the following three Wednesdays: March 31, April 7 and June 2. These three Wednesdays will be face to face instructional days to provide a four day face to face instructional week. 

The Board was faced with a very difficult decision and no matter the outcome, it is impossible to please everyone. We all need to work together in supporting this decision as we get through this extremely difficult school year and continue to ensure our students are being successful. Our staff is doing a great job and we have a lot to be proud of! 

When we look back at the school year, the one positive take on it is the fact that we did not have to shut down for a period of time like many other districts across the country had to. Our students in grades K-8 remained four days per week with face to face instruction all year long. Although our high school students were only two days per week with face to face instruction when the school year started, we were able to increase face to face instruction to four days per week in January for all high school students. 

We continue to monitor our COVID-19 positive cases and quarantine numbers throughout the school district on a daily basis. Through the first three quarters of the school year, our numbers are as follows. For the first quarter, we had 36 positive COVID-19 cases and 378 quarantines. For the second quarter, we had 32 positive COVID-19 cases and 431 quarantines. For the third quarter, we had 26 positive COVID-19 cases and 431 quarantines.

All school district employees, including bus drivers and coaches, had the opportunity to be vaccinated on March 17 by the Portage County Health Department. The second vaccination is scheduled for April 7, 2021. 

As we enter into the fourth quarter of the school year, we are hoping that our COVID-19 numbers continue to decrease and we have fewer quarantined. This has been a very difficult and trying school year, as each day continues to bring challenges to students, staff, parents and families. Thank you for working with us as we navigate through the remainder of the school year.