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International Bank of Amherst Community Walking Trail

A huge thank you goes out to the International Bank of Amherst and Butch Pomeroy, President, for their generous donation of $15,000 to the Falcon Pride Project - Phase II. This money is earmarked for the walking trail which will be named the International Bank of Amherst Community Walking Trail. This trail will outline the school property and will be available for the entire community to use. The trail will be constructed of a road mat material which will provide a sturdy, safe path surface to walk on. The walking trail will be placed on the outer edge of the school district property. It will be approximately one mile long and will allow users to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  Once completed this spring, you may enter the trail from the main large parking lot (Lot A) near the athletic complex or from the smaller parking lot (Lot D) near the new track and practice facilities. 

Pomeroy stated, “The walking trail will be available to everyone in the community to enjoy.  Funding this portion of Phase II of the Falcon Pride Project allows us the opportunity to show that we support more than athletics. Hopefully, the trail will encourage people to get outside and go for a walk. The school is the most important entity here.  A highly regarded school district results in this being a highly desirable place to live. We strongly believe in reinvesting in our community.  Dollars earned here should be kept in the community where the profits were generated.  It is the right thing to do. This is our home – we have to help make it better!” 

The total fundraising goal for Phase II of the Falcon Pride Project is $895,000. To date, approximately $136,000 has been raised, which is about 15% of the targeted goal. This project is set up identifying 11 specific needs with a fundraising dollar amount attached to each individual need. Money has been raised to nearly complete three of the 11 needs, which include: the International Bank of Amherst Community Walking Trail, constructed around the school district site/property ($15,000), baseball dugouts ($70,000) and the softball dugouts ($70,000). 

The remaining eight items where funds still need to be raised include the following: batting cages  ($53,000), baseball and softball field infield upgrades ($236,000), baseball and softball backstops ($102,000), baseball and softball fencing ($108,000), baseball and softball bullpens ($22,000), storage building ($88,000), baseball press box ($96,000) and the pole vault pit and pads ($54,000).

If you or your business would like to make a donation to help the school district complete this project, checks can be made payable to Amherst Athletic Complex and sent to the Tomorrow River School District, Attention Amherst Athletic Complex, 357 N. Main Street, Amherst, WI 54406.

If you have any questions regarding the International Bank of Amherst Community Walking Trail or the Falcon Pride II Project, please contact Mike Richie, District Administrator at 715-824-5521 ext. 1230 or email to You can also visit the school district website at for more information.