January Community Spirit Article

I believe we are all happy to see the year 2020 exit and look forward to 2021. We were all affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. Not all in the same way, some were much worse than others and unfortunately the Amherst area and surrounding communities lost a few individuals who played a huge role in the success of the community. Many people recovered and as our scientists, doctors, researchers, medical professionals and health organizations continue to work on finding the right cure and vaccine, let's hope and pray that there will be a cure for all.

COVID-19 has not only been tough on the Tomorrow River School District, but for all school districts across the United States and the world, which is one of the reasons why COVID-19 is referred to as a Global Pandemic. We know that many of our students are struggling only having face to face instruction two to four days per week and we realize this has been extremely difficult on families. As professional educators, we here at school struggle with this situation. Our goal is to attempt to get more face to face learning time for our students as 2021 moves forward. We have to balance student and staff safety with academics and this can be very difficult to do. 

We continue to discuss all options for learning at every school board meeting. Our staff has been working diligently with our face to face and virtual models of instruction. In many cases, our educators are teaching both models of instruction at the same time. As the District Administrator, I am not only proud of our teaching staff for doing the job they are doing, but also our support staff.  Like the teaching staff, they have gone above and beyond their job responsibilities. We are fortunate to have great school employees that really care about our students. 

Despite all the bad things that come with COVID-19, as a district we grew and worked together, and we will continue to grow and make the Tomorrow River School District an even better place to learn. There may be some things that we did as a result of COVID-19 that will stay with us in the future. This is not only true in school districts, but in society as well. Many changes were implemented because of this pandemic and those changes may benefit us in the future as well. 

Happy New Year!